I’ve previously written my observations that as a community, we are gaining our identity. There’s an increased awareness and demand for growth in many areas, and interest in making our community better. This has been a discussion thread at many of our Chamber events, and within local business conversations.

The growth potential is part of the upcoming election on November 7th. While we need to vote on elected positions within our local government entities, I believe there are other areas of the ballot that also deserve some consideration by each person voting.

In view of the upcoming ballot initiatives, I wanted to learn more about the areas being covered, so I did some research. As Chamber President, I also met with Jim Van Doren, Executive Director of Lenawee Now.

Here is some information to consider, to help you make an informed decision on Tuesday, November 7th. Please understand that I am not telling you to vote either way, just presenting information.

On your ballot, you will see a proposal to renew the Separate Tax Limitation. What is the purpose of the Separate Tax Limitation?

On the County website they’ve explained: “Renewal of the tax limitation will retain services like road patrol, 4-H, economic development, senior services, parks and more to support our communities and enhance our quality of life.  These programs attract employers, investors and new families to our county.”

Jim Van Doren’s office provided me with a further explanation of the role the county government plays in economic development. “While the Lenawee County government doesn’t have direct control over jobs and economic development, they are the biggest public-sector contributor to Lenawee Now, our economic development organization dedicated to economic and business expansion in Lenawee County.”

So, businesses and citizens alike are affected by the passage or decline of this renewal.

Perhaps a frequent question that arises is the impact the proposal will have on taxes. The County website has addressed this through their Frequently Asked Questions, but it can range anywhere from $25 – $43 per year. Review the chart on their website to determine your actual cost, based on township location of property.

A comprehensive list of other Frequently Asked Questions about the tax limitation are addressed here: http://www.lenawee.mi.us/investing

Whichever way you decide to vote, I believe it should be done as an informed decision; and there is a lot of information available to help us. My point is, please take the time to read about it, and take the action needed to vote.

You can read the ballot information in an online pdf at: https://www.electionlenawee.com/candidate-proposal-listing/

Participating in the selection of our local government representation is a duty of each registered voter. We should also understand how the mandated and non-mandated services of our County are funded, and how that affects our life as a citizen of the County.

And to the businesses within the Chambers of Commerce throughout our County, I challenge you to step up and get involved in the future visions of your Chamber and community.  If you have questions or want to talk about the Adrian Chamber and your business, give me a call at 517-265-2320, or email me at jbart@adrianareachamber.com

by John R. Bartoszewicz,

President and CEO, Adrian Area Chamber of Commerce