We would like to introduce you to Get Lenawee.  Get Lenawee is Hyper-Local search with the most complete and accurate business directory in Lenawee County.  The Adrian Area Chamber of Commerce supports the efforts of Get Lenawee to promote Verified Local Businesses within Lenawee County.

The Adrian Area Chamber now has its own directory category that will showcase our local members.  Local Members who Get Verified can add the Adrian Area Chamber of Commerce “Badge” to their profile showing our support for you and your support for the Chamber.

Key Features:

  1. Clear Marketing Channel to Increase Sales within Lenawee County (Shop Local/Buy Local) and Gain Additional Sales from Outside of Lenawee.
  2. Variety of Advertising Options that Fit Your Needs and Budget
  3. 100% Local Advertising (Must have a physical location in Lenawee County)
  4. Get Lenawee Verifies your Business then Helps You Build Your Profile so Your Brand is Identified along with the products and services you provide.

Go to http://getlenawee.com and begin your search for local businesses. You can search by keywords, categories and/or areas. When you find the business, organization or school you are looking for you will be able to contact them by phone or address. If they are a verified business it will unlock much more information relating to that business.

Get Lenawee is continuously updating their listings and improving their search. If you notice that a business has moved, is closing, is new to the area, or would like to refer a business, please use the contact form on the site. http://getlenawee.com/contact-us/ They will verify all requests before taking any action. If you are business owner and would like to get verified please fill out the form on the site. http://getlenawee.com/get-verified/

Please support Local Businesses by using Get Lenawee to live, visit, shop, seek employment and/or do business in Lenawee. Save Get Lenawee to your mobile device by selecting the “share” feature, then “Add to Home Screen”.