3D Physical Therapy (3DPT) is pleased to announce that Diana Schneider, DPT, FAFS, 3DMAPS, CAFS, has been promoted to the manager of their Tecumseh physical therapy clinic, which is celebrating its tenth year of service in 2019.

Diana is excited to serving her community in this new role. She is dedicated to providing excellence in patient care to our local community. “I love our commitment to staff education and quality of care. It means we can provide the best possible treatment to the people of Lenawee County,” she said.

Diana is a native of Tecumseh, Michigan, where she lives with her husband and three sons. A graduate of Tecumseh High School, Diana earned a Bachelor of Health Science degree and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. She is also a fellow of Applied Functional Science (FAFS) through The Gray Institute.

In addition, Diana is passionate about raising awareness of the number one birth defect, congenital heart disease, with the Pediatric Congenital Heart Association and the need for further research and funding to save and improve affected children’s lives, including one of her sons.