The Adrian Area Chamber is offering serious business-building, networking, and referral opportunities for those who are willing to put in the time and the energy. Be warned, this is not a passive experience.

During our next Breakfast Club this Thursday, February 15, 2018, members will experience a sample of the value that the Adrian Chamber has promised to provide through this event series over the next year.

Chamber members who commit to active involvement in the Breakfast Club will see a growth in referrals and new business opportunities through increased networking focus. They will also participate in a variety of professional development topics to help improve their business.

What are the benefits of joining the Chamber’s Breakfast Club?  

As a rule, Chamber networking groups provide opportunities for members to connect with other businesses and business leaders within the community. The purpose of the networking groups is to build relationships, share best business practices, and generate referrals.

The emphasis is placed on building professional relationships with your fellow members and creating a solid network of referrals and resources for operating your business. The emphasis on Breakfast Club is on “Club”, which will be structured for involvement, accountability, and growth this year.

How can I garner the full potential membership?

The club members who realize the biggest return in the networking group program are those who are actively engaging with their fellow group members beyond the 90-minute semi-monthly meeting. They will seek ways to learn and apply the skills and tactics learned at the meetings.

For example, it is important to meet with your networking group members outside of the regularly scheduled meetings. In this way, you can learn more about how other members can assist in referring potential customers, learning more about each other’s business and what a quality referral is for each other.

What is special about this month’s event?

This month’s guest speaker, Michael Jeffreys, presents “Advanced Communication & Sales Strategies – 12 Proven Ideas for Building Relationships and Escalating Your Income.”

Want to convert more prospects into clients? The keys are building trust, creating an emotional connection, and getting people to feel comfortable with you. In this captivating, fast-paced session, Michael Jeffreys shows you how to focus on the major factors that create long-term clients and ongoing referrals.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand how people are wired & influenced differently
    • Get people to like and trust you faster than ever before
    • Eliminate powerless language, know what to say instead
    • Dramatically improve thank you notes and birthday cards
    • Create an even larger vision for growing your client base

Ely Wireless, an authorized T-Mobile Retailer, is helping to sponsor this month’s special event. Join us on Thursday, February 15, 2018 from 7:30 – 9 am at the GreenStone Farm Credit Services conference room, 5285 W. US Hwy. 223, Adrian.

These events are designed for our members, and we have committed to provide value-added benefits for those who attend this year.

If you want to experience Chamber membership, I invite you to please attend. We have continued to deliver roundtables, value on investment, connections, exposure and visibility with very easy ways of being involved.

If you are a current member, we hope you will join Breakfast Club as a regular attendee. If your business is not a member, what are you waiting for?

To register for this event, watch a sample video clip, download an event pdf, or learn more, visit

by John R. Bartoszewicz,

President and CEO, Adrian Area Chamber of Commerce