About the Adrian Area Chamber

The Adrian Area Chamber of Commerce was established on November 11, 2002 in response to an expressed community need for an organization committed specifically to the larger Adrian community, its businesses, agencies and organizations. Since that time, the Chamber has grown into a respected entity with a reputation for getting things done and for an ability to collaborate and work well with others for the benefit of the community.

In any community, it is from the profitable operation of business that all other benefits are derived. Only by succeeding in this elemental goal, can a community provide jobs, ensure a high quality of life, and produce the wealth to finance the governmental, civic and charitable needs that the community is faced with every day. The Chamber is engaged in a diverse range of activities to accomplish the primary goal of profitable operation of business within the Adrian area.

The Mission of the Adrian Area Chamber of Commerce is to Promote, Increase and Enhance the Economic prosperity of the greater Adrian Area.

The Adrian Area Chamber is a catalyst – a common vehicle through which things get done and through which the enlightened mutual interests of all segments of the business community work together for the common good of the entire community. A better community means better business and the Chamber is working diligently for a better community for everyone.

The Chamber is a Michigan non-profit corporation and has the status of 501c6 under the Internal Revenue Code. The Chamber is not a governmental unit, nor is it a private business. It is governed by a 16 member Board of Directors. These community leaders volunteer their time and abilities to ensure that the many programs of the Chamber are carried out. The Chamber is funded through the membership investment dollars provided by its 450 member organizations and through monies raised through programs, sponsorships and fundraising activities.

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